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Winter 2018-Spring 2019


  • 17

    General Motors And The Shifting Politics Of Plant Closures

    Steven High

    The world is not deindustrializing. Everything around us is made somewhere — the question is where will these things be built and how much will workers be paid for their labour?

  • 29

    Digital Dreams, Part 2

    We can take inspiration from unions that are lighting new digital pathways of connection for current and upcoming generations.

  • 37 Cover Story

    Confronting Violence In The Canadian Classroom

    Melissa Keith

    Trivializing the impact of school violence on education workers is dangerous. “Dealing with an injury, PTSD, and possible financial decreases” can be devastating, says educational assistant Tammie Koroluk.

  • 44

    One First Nation’s Efforts

    Boat-building is just one of the projects the small, community-based school of Pictou Landing First Nation is using to connect kids with their classmates, their community, their Mi’kmaw culture, and themselves.


  • 6


    #HatefreeYEG * BC Work Songs Contest * Reeling In Workers’ Stories * Defending Education Across Borders

  • 11 Climate/Justice

    Rock The Boat For Change

    James Hutt

    The promotion of civil disobedience has been a key part of effective climate-justice campaigning for decades.

  • 13

    Our Times Tally

    Sean Cain

    Ratio of public relations, advertising and marketing professionals to journalists in Canada in 1987: 4 to 1
    Ratio today: 11 to 1

  • 14 WebWork

    Meet Kim & Greet The Wobbly App

    Derek Blackadder

    This is what we’ve been waiting for since iOS and Android first saw the light of day.

  • 16 Poetry

    River Of Coal

    George Moore

  • 27 Have Your Say

    Transforming Our Economy

    Christo Aivalis

    As leftists did during the Depression and other crises of capitalism, we can put forward a vision of a different world.

  • 46 Working For A Living

    The Challenging And Fulfilling Career Of A Licensing Officer

    Christina Hausauer

    In the brief moment it takes to answer the intake line, we may find ourselves heading to an emergency investigation instead of an already-scheduled annual inspection.

  • 49 Review

    On The Line: A History Of The British Columbia Labour Movement

    Review By Janet Nicol

    Tough leaders, resilient workers and generations of picket-line battles are featured in this fast-paced survey of 150 years of BC’s labour history.

  • 52 Commentary

    After The U.S. Midterms

    Archana Rampure

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s posts about the commonplace dirty little secrets of public life have gone viral. They’re secrets many already know too well.