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Fall 2018


  • 17 Cover Story

    Digital Dreams, Part 1

    David Robbins

    Unions need to fight to rebuild our own ability to
    publish, teach and engage using digital tools we control.

  • 25

    The China Factor

    Asad Ismi

    Exploring China’s massive Belt and Road Initiative and a potential Canada-China Free Trade Agreement: how should we engage with a country soon to become the world’s leading economy?

  • 31

    The Human Cost Of China’s Belt And Road Initiative

    Asad Ismi

    There is major opposition to the BRI in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, where the Pakistani army is accused of massive human rights violations.

  • 35 Have Your Say


    Aalya Ahmad 

    When all actions are governed by labour legislation, which unions dutifully obey and employers cynically manipulate, it becomes more and more obvious that legalized strikes are less and less effective.


  • 6


    Ontario Workers Fight Back * Canada Bans Asbestos * Remembering Bromley Armstrong

  • 9 Climate/Justice

    An Idea To Change Our World

    James Hutt

    We have a roadmap to re-tool entire industries, retrain workers and, ultimately, to meet global climate targets. Let’s use it.

  • 11

    Our Times Tally

    Sean Cain

    Ratio of citizens to CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras in China: 7 to 1
    Estimated ratio by the year 2020: 2.3 to 1

  • 12 Webwork

    Hack The Boss And Other Good News

    Derek Blackadder

    Some New Zealand workers will soon be bossless. They will be taking direction, instead, from a chunk of software.

  • 14 Poetry

    Bloody London Buildings

    Hasaan Sobaan

  • 42 Working For A Living

    I Have No Mute Button And I Must Scream

    Viktor Thorson

    Twenty-two of us began our training together. Week by week that group dwindled. Now there are just eight.

  • 45 Review

    Precarious Employment:  Causes, Consequences And Remedies

    Review By Roxanne Dubois

    An in-depth study of the forms of work that have emerged and thrived in the last 30 years shows just how we got to this place of precarity.

  • 48 Commentary

    As The Weather Turns 

    Archana Rampure

    The current viral strain of right-wing populism is difficult to stomach and hard to fight: What can we do to make a difference in such a divisive world?