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Winter 2020-2021


  • 17

    COVID Chronicles

    Janet Nicol

    A living history project by workers and the BC Labour Heritage Centre.

  • 32

    No Way to Treat a Hero

    Melissa Keith

    Alberta healthcare workers are tired of the government calling them “heroes” while it erodes their working conditions and jeopardizes their safety.


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    COVID Chronicles Everywhere ●  Winter WebWork Online ● Paid Sick Days for All ● The Gritty Nurse Podcast ● Letter to the Editors ● Our Times Online

  • 9

    Our Times Tally

    Sean Cain

    Number of laws passed since 1982 that have restricted, suspended or denied bargaining rights to Canadian workers: 230

  • 11 Climate/Justice

    No Warming, No War

    James Hutt

    War and militaries are quickly becoming some of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

  • 12 Union exchange

    This is What We Do

    Haseena Manek

    Unionized workers in solidarity with migrant workers.

  • 15 Passing the Torch

    Gary Steeves (1950-2020)

    Bill Howes

    Gary was “one of us. A worker’s champion.”

  • 40 Have Your Say

    Championing Spirituality in the Workplace

    Riley Richman

    What of individuals made to suffer a spiritual crisis because they cannot hold their dying resident’s hand and pray with them on their deathbed?

  • 42 Excerpt

    Fighting for Democracy: The True Story of Jim Higgins (1907-1982)

    Jim Higgins with Janette Higgins

    July 1, 1935, Dominion Day, was the day that those in power called the “Regina Riot.” We called it “the use of force to halt the trek.”

  • 45 Poetry


    Basia Gilas

  • 46 Working for a Living

    Searching for Security

    Nicodemus Kipkorir

    I stand here with my flashlight and my baton. As the sun goes down, my duty begins.

  • 48 Working for a Living

    Before the Wolf

    Ivan Suljic

    That was the worst condition: the lack of sunlight. You could see it outside the structure all day long, existing in its fullness but no longer yours.

  • 50 Review

    A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency

    Review by Bob Barnetson

    Seth Klein offers Canada’s response to the demands of the Second World War as a template for radical change.

  • 52 Commentary

    History & the INdian Farmers’ Protests

    Archana Rampure

    Who owns land, who gets to decide what to grow or extract from it — these are existential questions for every social justice movement.