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February-March 2010


  • 10

    Union Exchange: A Green and Local Campaign

    By Evelina Pan

    We hope our campaign to keep Bombardier manufacturing jobs in our hometown will lead to more campaigns for our communities. Good jobs are worth fighting for.

  • 14

    Chinese Unions

    By Cathy Walker

    On my last trip to China I learned that much has changed with Chinese unions. Here’s my report.

  • 18

    Hotels and Hurting

    By Valerie Dugale

    Hotel workers in Toronto are getting less work and more injuries. What four hotel workers have to say about it.

  • 24

    Cover Story: Keeping Kids’ Dreams Alive

    By Melissa Keith

    Halifax-based performance artist, writer and activist Taryn Della wants the young people she speaks to in schools and the community to understand that everyone has intrinsic worth, including them.

  • 30

    Laughing Out Loud

    By Janet Nicol

    Ardell Fitzpatrick Brophy is a union rep by day and a stand-up comedian at night. She loves both jobs and takes them seriously.


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    B.C. Coalition Report on Women * Common Threads
    Global Action Week * Education International
    Black History Month * Solidarity Radio News
    Healthcare Bargaining in B.C. * Stimulus Spending

  • 9

    Webwork: Twitter and Toodeldo

    By Derek Blackadder

    Do unions use Twitter? Better yet, do they use it effectively?

  • 29


    By Ruth Roach Pierson

  • 40


    By Kate Braid

  • 36

    Review: After Peaches

    Review by Janet Nicol

    “I want to give immigrant workers a face and a story so readers will have a stronger personal connection,” says After Peaches author Michelle Mulder.

  • 41

    Review: Turning Left to The Ladies

    Review by Fiona Lam

    With her latest collection of poems, Kate Braid delves into a subject that few other Canadian poets can write about with such comprehensive knowledge and insight.

  • 45

    Review: Sailor Girl

    Review by Nancy Kimber

    I was worried the author of Sailor Girl wouldn’t do my sisters and brothers of the sea justice, but she did - beautifully.

  • 48

    Commentary: Calling for Movement Solidarity

    By Jane Stinson

    In the face of the Harper government’s cuts to programs, the women’s and trade union movements need each other now more than ever.