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December-January 2009/2010


  • 11

    Good Green Jobs for All

    By Sean Cain

    Remember when protecting our ecosystems supposedly meant more unemployment? As a growing coalition of labour and green activists illustrates, those days may be numbered.

  • 14

    Battle of Seattle and Beyond

    By Brian Charlton

    Ten years ago 3,000 Canadians boarded buses in Vancouver to cross the American border and add their voices to the protests against the World Trade Organization.

  • 20

    Strike! The Musical

    By Lynn Carlile

    “My three favourite things are music, theatre and history, all of which I am able to incorporate in musical theatre based on historical events.” An interview with Danny Schur.

  • 26

    The Forestry Crisis and Public Policy

    By Steven High

    Just as Aboriginal people were cast as the “vanishing race” of the 19th century, industrial workers are now presumed to have been left behind by Richard Florida’s “ticking clock” of history. But it’s really a question of power and public policy.


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    Good Neighbour Protocol * Police Incited Violence
    Honouring Gil Levine * LabourStart Photo of the Year

  • 7

    Our Times Tally

    By Sean Cain

    Year in which labour unions in Canada became legal: 1872

  • 8

    Webwork: Texting and Waving

    By Derek Blackadder

    We all have mobile phones, no? So why aren’t unions using them more?

  • 9

    Working History: The Missing Art of Obits

    By Ken Clavette

    Working people’s obituaries have all but disappeared from our mainstream newspapers.

  • 25


    By John Reibetanz

  • 35

    Reviews: Classic Protest Songs

    Review By Brian Cook

    One highlight of the recently released Folkways CD is a recording of Woody Guthrie singing his song “Jesus Christ,” which casts Jesus as a revolutionary working-class hero.

  • 37

    Workers Leaving the Factory

    Review By Andrew Lochhead

    On a sunny day in 1895, the employees of the Lumiere Electric Factory walked out at the end of their shift and into cinematic history. A co-presentation by Media City and the Art Gallery of Windsor, Ontario.

  • 40

    Commentary: A Tribute to Gil Levine

    By Jane Stinson and Geoff Bickerton

    On November 16, 2009 the Canadian labour movement lost one of its best organizers and sharpest intellects.