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Summer/Fall 2021


  • 16

    Proud, Safe and Thriving at Work

    Cory Gaudette

    I know that I’m lucky to have found my workplace. I know that not everyone feels comfortable being themselves at work, that they are made to feel like being queer is somehow unprofessional.

  • 17

    A Pride Flag by the Door

    Benjamin Owens

    How can unions contribute to 2SLGBTQ+ people feeling safe and supported at work and in their lives? A multi-year study in Windsor and Sudbury, Ontario, aims to answer just that.

  • 27

    The Shared Struggle Towards a Better Future

    Melissa Keith

    Ahead of its time and aware of its times, the Toronto & York Region Labour Council turns 150 this year. To celebrate, Our Times talks all things labour with some dynamic TYRLC activists.

  • 36

    The Time for Action is Now

    Mark Brown

    “We need people to show up to pickets, show up to strikes, and let workers know ‘I am with you to the end.’” Mark Brown interviews Andria Babbington, the first Black woman president of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council.


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    Online at Our Times * CAWLS Conference & Just Transition * CLC Human Rights Panel * IWOC 2021 Conference * Letter to the Editors

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    Our Times Tally

    Sean Cain

    * Chance that a Canadian soldier serving in the Second World War died during battle: 1 in 26
    * Chance that an Indigenous student died while attending one of Canada’s residential schools: 1 in 25

  • 13 Climate/Justice

    Legislating Climate Accountability

    James Hutt

    Over a decade in the making, Bill C-12 sets a target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. Taking stock of the bill’s problems and its potential.

  • 14 Webwork

    Of Boycotts & Best Intentions

    Derek Blackadder

    Amazon was gifted a weapon it thought potent enough to use. And it was given that weapon on a silver platter, by people who thought they were helping the good guys.

  • 45 Passing the Torch

    Catherine Macleod (1948-2021)

    Vincenzo Pietropaolo and Jamie Swift

    The writer, poet, feminist and prominent Canadian labour activist was instrumental in establishing art as integral to trade unionism.

  • 48 Working for a Living

    Giving a Voice, One Letter at a Time

    Agata Antonow

    At six o’clock in the morning, I commiserate silently with the other workers who rise with the Montreal sun.

  • 50 Working for a Living

    Zooming with Kids

    Lindsey O’Hearn

    It’s not every job that has you crawling across your kitchen floor, picking up dogs’ bones and “drinking” out of dog bowls, in front of all your co-workers and students.

  • 52 Commentary

    Vaccination: Solidarity in Action

    Archana Rampure

    Remaining unvaccinated is trotted out as something as innocuous as choice in Western democracies. I find this staggering when I look at the global data about the lack of access to vaccines.