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Spring 2021


  • 13

    Magic and Lethal

    Janet Nicol

    Once considered the “magic mineral,” asbestos proved to be deadly. It is still the number one killer of BC workers.

  • 16

    Revolution Up Close in Grenada

    Miriam Edelson

    Democracy for 100,000 people was not out of reach — they felt part of something bigger than themselves.

  • 19

    Could An App Replace Your Union?

    Ryan Hayes

    What would happen if tech entrepreneurs saw unions as not just obstacles to the exploitation of workers, but as a potential new market?

  • 27 Cover Story

    Workers’ Voice

    Jim Stanford

    Fighting for the right to speak up, and be heard, in the workplace.

  • 34

    Mobilizing Workers’ Voice Through the Racial Justice Advocate

    Christine Maclin

    In 2020, we bargained for a new position: The racial justice advocate, appointed by the union, will be from the Black, Indigenous or racialized community.

  • 37

    The COVID-19 Union Wave

    Sarah Nafisa Shahid and Dan Darrah

    Union drives across Canada in stores of all kinds — including cannabis dispensaries, coffee shops and bookstores — are creating alternatives to the status quo.

  • 42

    Young Organizers Make the Connections

    Sarah Nafisa Shahid

    An interview with Kevin Shimmin about the emerging generation of workplace leaders.


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    Labour Council Celebration ● Northern Solidarity ● Love Letters to Lab Workers ● Our Times Tally Will Return ● Letter to the Editors ● Our Times Online

  • 9 Climate/Justice

    Winning Change On a Global Scale

    James Hutt

    That July 3rd morning, members from half a dozen unions blocked the entrance to the shipyard, but it all hinged on the workers.

  • 11 WebWork

    String Theory & The Starbucks Strategy of Online Action

    Derek Blackadder

    Eric Lee of LabourStart fame recently developed the Starbucks Theory of Online Action Appeals Frequency.

  • 44 Poetry

    Keeping a Light On

    Crystal Valerie Rea

  • 47 Working for a Living

    McDonald’s from a Baby’s Perspective

    Yasmine Ahmed

    The relationships I’ve built with my many co-workers are undoubtedly the reason I have not left my workplace.

  • 50 Review

    Work Won’t Love You Back

    James Hutt

    Sarah Jaffe explores just how much work ‘doing what you love’ can really be — and how that love is often exploited by employers.

  • 52 Commentary

    Patent Justice, Not Vax Charity

    Archana Rampure

    Instead of a drip of research and the occasional donation by rich countries, why don’t we have global systems of knowledge-sharing and essential-medication production?