Jul 24, 2007

"Working for a Living" is the name of Our Times' ongoing series of short stories about work, by people from across Canada.

We welcome unsolicited submissions to this ongoing series of short stories.

Write a story about what your job is like. What do you do? What do you see? How do you feel about it? Give us lots of details. (If you're not at a paid job now, write about what your job was like, before you quit, retired, got laid off or fired.)

2,000 words or less

None; it's an open-ended invitation

Our Times respects workers and the work they do, whether it's fishing, filing, cleaning, inspecting, building, teaching, mining, or working in a hospital or call centre. We want stories to have a tone of respect. Generally speaking, we're hoping to receive stories by people about the work they do: who you work with and what your work looks, smells, tastes, feels like. A day (or night) in your work life. Do you like your job? Hate it? What are the best and worst parts? That kind of thing. A story can, of course, be funny, sad, serious or all three: your choice. True accounts (creative non-fiction) are encouraged. Keep in mind that Our Times is a labour magazine that believes in jobs with justice and collective efforts for change.

Send your story to Our Times/Working for a Living as a Word or rich text format (rtf) attachment, via email. Please allow up to eight weeks for a response from us.

PAYMENT: We'll pay you $100 if your story is accepted for publication.

SAMPLE COPY OF OUR TIMES: Available on request. Send your request for a sample copy, with your name and address, to Lorraine Endicott, Editor. Email:

Writers' Guidelines for Our Times Features and check out Working for a Living stories already published in previous issues.


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